The Cheiron Group

Ours is not to reason why. Ours is a fantastic pension and health package, however.

European pharmaceuticals and medical conglomerate the Cheiron Group (TCG) has been around for at least 100 years, and its great profits more than suffice to hide the odd worrying rumour about its activities. It’s weathered EU investigations, moral panic about its ‘satanic’ logo, and continued investigation into who actually sits on its Board of Directors. It’s certainly a company of many mysteries, and that’s before you get to the TCG employees who aren’t involved in the research and development of wonder drugs and medical marvels – the ones who get paid to investigate supernatural phenomena and kidnap monsters, the ones who contain the monsters, and the ones who experiment on the creatures (using science that really shouldn’t work by any normal rules).

That, at least, is the one secret of TCG that the resources of its “Field Projects Division” are party to: they capture the monsters, and the monsters are turned into guinea pigs, ingredients and spare parts. And then they pick up a more-than-adequate paycheck at the end of the day.

And there are other, more dubious benefi ts, too. In an age when most of the big companies are divesting their employees and contracting them back as temps, TCG’s field resources get a job for life, whether they want it or not.

Part of that is the contract. But a big part of that is the surgery. In order to make their agents more capable of facing down the creatures they have to catch for a living, TCG’s staff doctors change them, replacing limbs and organs while adding others, making them, in a small part, the monsters they get paid to bring down. The man in the company car might have a suite of special organs melded with his flesh, but he knows that they are still company property. Cheiron owns him, literally, and there isn’t any way he’s ever leaving, even when he goes and inevitably gets himself killed — the contract says they get to render down his body in the R&D department too.

Active Hunters

TCG Field Project Division field resources working in the Chicago area include:

Status Benefits

In the Field Projects Division, you get Status by climbing the corporate ladder: get results, and suck up to your boss.

• You have a field handbook and you’ve signed the contract, meaning that some point soon they’re going to implant something into your body. You can spend Merit points on the Thaumatechnology Endowment.

••• You have the clout to call in backup, equivalent to two dots in Allies (TCG Backup).

••••• You’ve been given several massive pay rises, equivalent to three more dots in the Resources merit. Good luck finding a chance to spend it.

Field Projects Divisions

Resources tend to join one of the three main sub-divisions of the Field Projects Division:

Retrieval agents make up most of the Field Projects Division. They’re the ones who go out and hunt monsters, truss them up and call in the Dedicated Pickup Teams.

Field resources working for Recruitment look for other hunters to hire, and the best way to do that is to observe them hunting. TCG has a terrifying attrition rate, and often loses more hunters than it hires.

Field Research resources are basically spies. TCG is highly interested in those conspiracies whose members have access to unusual powers or equipment, and often sends agents to seek them out, assist them on hunts and, if they can, poach everything they can from them when the time is right.

The Cheiron Group

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