The Cheiron Group has a secret to its advances in Biotechnology – their R&D program is fuelled by a steady influx of monsters provided by the Field Projects Division. In return, FPD agents get large bonuses and the exciting opportunity to try out experimental modifications, going under the knife to receive grafts of unnatural tissue. Each graft is an individual merit with a specific dot Cost, and each requires more surgery.

Anger Patch (• – 2xp)

A small patch of the skin of a vampire is sewn into the back of the agent’s neck. Whenever the character becomes aware of a vampire the patch writhes and twitches, tapping into all vampire’s inborn territoriality to make the agent aware of the vampire’s presence. Drawbacks: only works once per vampire, and the user suffers a -1 penalty on social rolls against vampires.

Weapon of Last Resort (• or •• – 2 or 4xp)

Whether it’s implanted fangs ripped from a demon or razor-sharp fingers made of an unearthly metal, the agent gains either the ability to have her brawl attacks do lethal damage or a bite attack that does +1L damage but requires a grapple first. For 2 dots, the agent gets both. Rolls to detect unused weapons suffer a -4 penalty.

Devil’s Eyes (•• – 4xp)

Multifaceted golden orbs are implanted in an agent’s eye socket, connected to the optic nerve through an interface chip. By squeezing their eyes shut and rolling the eye in a particular way, the agent can disengage the chip’s safety features and perceive the emotional auras surrounding individuals. They can roll Wits+Empathy to reveal the true emotional state of all targets in view.

Personal Defence Swarm (••• – 6xp)

Tiny metal spheres are coated in hypoallergenic aluminium and embedded in the subcutaneous tissue of the forearm. If the agent drips the supplied liquid into a small valve near the base of the palm, the balls fly out as a 4m-radius swarm of tiny yellowjackets with human faces, and will attack whoever triggered the most anger and hostility in the hunter at the time of release. After 10 turns, the swarm will attempt to return.

Quickstep (••• – 6xp)

Shapeshifter ligaments and tendons give the agent the ability to break Olympic records. When activated, the agent gains +3 speed, 9-again on Athletics rolls, and if he runs can use his Defense against Firearms. Every turn this benefit is used, however, counts as 3 hours without rest for the agent.

Evil Eye (••• – 6xp)

The eyes are the windows to the soul, so says the proverb. Field agents who have seen what some monsters can do to a man just by looking him in the eye believe those words wholeheartedly. The mavericks of the Cheiron Group thought to prove the expression beyond reasonable doubt, however. Any fool with a scalpel can pluck the eye from someone’s head, but to lock the soul inside the eye before-hand? Well, that’s why they get paid the big bucks. Unfortunately, the method used to extract the eye while maintaining the inherent abilities of the creature causes awful discoloration and unsightliness. They say it’s because the twisted soul of the creature becomes trapped inside.

The hunter suffers from the One Eye Flaw and -2 to any Social rolls where the eye is exposed. She may choose one of the following Dread Powers at one dot: Confuse, Fury, Hypnotize, Sleep or Terrify (all found pp. 276-283 in Hunter: The Vigil). The character may purchase additional dots of the Dread Power chosen, to a maximum of three dots. The cost is new dots x 8 in experience points.

Regenerative Nodule (•••• – 8xp)

These strange cysts, harvested from shapechangers, hold the key to extremely fast healing. A shunt is placed in the nodule, and then it’s sewn into the agent’s gut. By pressing the lump and spending 1 WP, the agent floods their system with the nodule’s contents, healing 1 Bashing every turn and 1 Lethal every 15min. Once the agent is fully healed the nodule cannot be used again for one week. This healing takes a toll on the agent; every bashing damage healed counts as one day without food and water, and every lethal damage counts as 3.

Banality Worm (••••• – 10xp)

When the Cheiron Group found something that had leaked in from a place beyond human perception, they found the results very enlightening. Then they implanted it into you. This pale creature comes from a world of pure, absolute nothing, and hates all things supernatural. After it’s been implanted under the agent’s heart to suckle on their blood, it subtracts the agent’s Resolve from every supernatural effect that targets them. Unfortunately, this has a less-than-positive effect on the agent’s morals, and so they roll 1 less die on degeneration rolls.


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