Agents of VASCU augment their investigative abilities with strange powers of the mind, the end result of the mysterious Wintergreen Process. Agents go through strange hallucinations and alien visitations, but come away with awakened powers. Each dot in the merit allows the hunter to have one power at that level or below. Teleinformatics powers are grouped into three categories; a character purchasing a 4-dot power must already have 1 from the same group, while a 5-dot power requires 2. Most Teleinformatics have a cost to pay which can be Willpower (WP), bashing, lethal or aggravated damage (1B, 1L or 1A) or both.


• Just one more thing

Cost: 1B. Pool: Teleinformatics + Subterfuge. On a success, they pick up two or three words the subject feels particularly guilty about, gaining +2 bonus to pursue that line of enquiry. On an exceptional success, the bonus is +3.

•• Polygraph

Cost: 1WP, 1B. Pool: Teleinformatics + Persuasion vs. target’s Stamina + Resolve. On a success the character gains a bonus on Interrogation rolls equal to successes rolled, doubled when sniffing out lies. On an exceptional success, the agent recovers 1WP.

••• Synchronization

Cost: 1WP, 1L. Pool: Teleinformatics + Empathy minus target’s Resolve. On a success the agent makes copies the subject’s mind, and asks 1 question of the subject per success. The copy lasts the target’s Resolve in hours. On an exceptional success, they can also ‘borrow’ one skill of the target’s.

•••• The Talon

Cost: 1L. Pool: Teleinformatics + Intimidation minus target’s Composure. On a success, the target takes -1 to all Mental and Social rolls/success for a scene. On an exceptional success, they also take 2B.

••••• Tactical Coordination

Cost: 1L, 1WP. Pool: Teleinformatics + Brawl -1 per other character they wish to include. On a success, members of the network can communicate reflexively and silently, and gain +1 to skill rolls for every other member who has a higher rank in the skill as long as the agent concentrates (losing their defense). On an exceptional success, the agent keeps their defence and maintains the link if they fall unconscious.


• Psychometry

Cost: 1B. Pool: Teleinformatics +Crafts. On a success they understand what an object is and when it was last used for its intended purpose.

•• Scene Read

Cost: 1B. Pool: Teleinformatics + Investigation. On a success, the agent analyses a crime scene in an instant, gaining most of what it has to offer. On an exceptional success, they gain everything.

••• Speed of Thought

Cost: 2L. Pool: Teleinformatics + Athletics. The agent adds Teleinformatics to their initiative, can use the higher of Dex or Wits for defense, and can dodge firearms. This lasts for 1 turn/success, and can only be used once per day. On an exceptional success, increase Speed by Teleinformatics dots.

•••• Postcognition

Cost: 1WP, 1L. Pool: Teleinformatics + Science. On a success the agent ‘replays’ the crime in her mind, and can ask 1 question/success. Further Investigation rolls this day on this subject receive a +2 bonus. On an exceptional success, the agent notices a significant new detail without asking.

••••• Hall of Mirrors

Cost: 1A. Pool: Teleinformatics+Occult. The hunter enters a hall of mirrors that show several possible futures.By studying the mirrors, the agent gains a pool of successes for the next day that she can spend to reroll an action or ask one yes/no question about their current situation. On an exceptional success, she can spend successes to give her cellmates rerolls.


• Network

Cost: 1B. Pool: Teleinformatics + Academics. On a success, the agent concentrates on what they need to find and intuits the direction they need to look in. On an exceptional success, they know exactly where to look.

•• Deep Background

Cost: 1B/roll. Pool: Teleinformatics + Computer. With the help of the internet, the agent can find the target’s criminal record, credit file, phone record, bank records and medical records. Each source requires 3 successes to find. Each roll represents 30s of work. Further Investigation rolls against the targets gain 9-again. On an exceptional success the agent picks up an extra source of information.

••• Bookworm

Cost: 1WP, 1L. The agent has instinctive access to all public information, or restricted information if they have a token of their authority. They automatically succeed at any Academics or Occult-based research action, taking 30s if the agent has access to information (e.g. a laptop, a library) or 2 min if they have no means of researching or accessing non-public information. The agent loses their defence for the duration of the power.

•••• Tag

Cost: 1L, optionally 1WP. Pool: Teleinformatics + Streetwise. The agent sends their mind through any kind of network – CCTV, ATM cameras, even the eyes of animals if they spend willpower. On a success they can follow so long as they stay within 500 yards/dot in Teleinformatics, and gain +2 to track the suspect. On an exceptional success, the cell automatically gains surprise if they confront the target while this power is active.

••••• Omnicompetence

Cost: 1L or 1A. Pool: Teleinformatics + Larceny. The agent taps into the totality of the world’s information to boost their skills. On a success they boost 1 skill to 5 if they took 1L or a category of skills to 3 if they took 1A for a scene. On an exceptional success, they can immediately spend XP to increase an affected skill permanently.


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