Welcome to the Men in Black.

Why did the US army raid coastal towns in Massachusetts in December 1927, wiping them off the map? What crashed near Roswell in 1947? Who killed JFK? Who was the Zodiac killer?

Conspiracy theorists would have you believe there is a great agency behind all of these events. They don’t know for sure, of course. Task Force: VALKYRIE knows. They know the truth about Diana and the precise location of the Roswell pilot’s grave. They know who didn’t shoot Kennedy. And they know about vampires, werewolves, demons and ghosts.

Ever since they covered up Lincoln’s death at the hands of a creature from outside any human frame of reference, a group of black-budget operatives has protected the US not just from the predations of the supernatural, but also from knowledge of its existence. They put down Nazi occultists in 1945, stopped bloodsuckers from seizing control of the economy, and spread disinformation about Roswell to put people off the scent. Now, Task Force VALKYRIE has managed to effectively disappear, and only a handful of people at the top level of government know of its existence. The President isn’t one of them.

It’d like to think it really is the conspiracy seen in modern media that keeps the people blissful in ignorance of the extra-normal entities (ENEs) around them. The fact is, it’s still a government agency, and just like every other government agency, the Task Force suffers from nepotism and incompetence. Sometimes it’s at a level that endangers the men and women in the field. Intelligence gatherers are often as lazy as those foreign-posted CIA men who get their intel from watching the news. They’ve got a wide base of information about any number of ENEs, but a mountain of red tape and clearances to get through before it’s readable.

And then there’s the budget. Obviously, TFV is a black budget agency, but that only leads to certain irregularities, such as TFV having a budget a fraction of the size of ATF, let alone the FBI. So how can it afford the black helicopters, or that enormous underground facility in Arizona (the one you think you know about in New Mexico is as flimsy as a movie set) and the astoundingly well-funded R&D department?

And if TFV’s remit is to protect the US people from ENEs, how come so much fi eld work involves observation and kidnap rather than straight fighting? Why has it got so many ENEs stored away in that underground prison? Why do field agents who get close to certain secrets fi nd their assignments changed without warning?

Active Hunters

TFV agents active in the local area include:

Status Benefits

Like most government organisations, status in VALKYRIE is an odd, uncertain thing. Nepotism and convenience play just as much a part as merit in advancement through the ranks.

• You’ve a new recruit, and have a small RFID chip implanted in your hip or shoulder that authorises you to use TFV’s Advanced Armoury. You don’t get told why you’re doing what you’re doing and you seem to get the worst jobs.

••• You’ve worked your way up through the ranks, either through efficiency or through making friends. You can call in some backup when on a job, granting you two dots of Allies (TFV Backup).

••••• You’re probably too high-up to be sent on missions, but when you do you get the best kit and the best backups. Other government agencies will help you out if you get in trouble, equivalent to three dots of Contacts each assigned to a Federal agency. Also, you know who shot JFK, and who was in the car with Diana.


TFV divides itself into special units and departments, many of which work closely in the fi eld with ordinary agents. Although departments such as Containment and R&D have essentially closed membership (which beggars the question: how do they recruit?), fi eld agents can apply to join any of the following:

Project TWILIGHT concerns itself with the doings of ENEs classified as P (Para-human) and S (social), the ones that are near human or post-human and seem to operate in covens, cults, conspiracies or other underground societies. They’re mostly fi eld agents. They recognize that taking down one SP/ENE won’t necessarily resolve the threat posed by their respective conspiracies, and dedicate themselves to nformation gathering and more circumspect activities. Some go deep cover.

Agents attached to Operation FORT dedicate themselves to understanding extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional phenomena. They’re interested in aliens, but they also investigate fairies, demons, ghosts and alien entities that evidently hail from some other-dimensional source. They’re the least scientific of TFV’s agents, drawing a lot of their methodology from folklore and religion. They’re often nearly as cranky as the civilians who bang on about conspiracies.

Operation ADAMSKI gets its name from a notorious hoaxer who convinced many that he was in regular contact with beings from Venus. ADAMSKI operatives work in the field, and it’s their job to hide the existence of ENEs by disseminating disinformation among people who are, frankly, cranks. They distribute crudely faked photographs and footage of alien autopsies and UFO sightings to people they know will spread these stories around as gospel.


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