The Aegis Kai Doru has gathered many Relics over the centuries and gift them to their field agents, as much status symbol as tool or weapon. Each relic must be bought separately, but can be used by anyone.

One-Eyed Kings (•)

These verdigris-covered copper coins show the faint relief of an ancient Babylonian king, missing an eye. When the hunter spends 1WP, walks the left-eyed coin over the knuckles of the right hand and presses it against their left eye, they can view the vicinity of the other coin. If the hunter spends 1WP before sleeping and places a coin on the appropriate eyelid, its match is on his other eyelid when he wakes.

Skeleton Key (•)

This small, archaic silver key fits any mechanical lock. By spending 1WP, the door opens, but if the door is supernaturally warded the hunter must succeed on a roll of Intelligence + Presence – ward’s strength.

Eye of Hubris (••)

This quartz crystal is about the size of a tennis ball, and strange colours swirl in its depths. The hunter goes blind in one eye for a scene when they use this item, but any supernatural power used in the vicinity suffers a -2 penalty.

Blood of Pope Joan (••)

This dark vial is reputed to contain the blood of the only female Pope.It automatically counts as a level-one blessed item, and werewolves suffer -2 to all rolls to affect the hunter carrying the relic.

Ringsel (•••)

Allegedly found in the ashes of enlightened Buddhist masters, this small pearl-like stones seem to exude peace and wisdom. By spending 1WP and gathering 4 successes on a Wits + Composure roll, the hunter enters a meditative state where they may spend 1WP to heal 1B and 2WP to heal 1L. The hunter may use this ability once per day. Additionally, when the hunter would degenerate in Morality they may spend 1WP to destroy the Ringsel instead.

Watchful Keris (•••)

This wavy-bladed knife is a foot long with a grip made of carved mammoth tooth. The keris is a 2L knife that grants +1 initiative, and when the character is surprised in combat they must attack with the keris in the first round. If the character does not wish to strike, they must roll Wits + Composure or spend 1WP.

Heart of Stone (••••)

This relic normally looks like an oddly-shaped paperweight, but when hooked up to electricity it revives into a living, beating heart. It creates an odd effect, causing people to first desire whatever it’s hooked up to, then get violently envious over the course of days. On the seventh day, the heart summons strange creature to prey on the object’s owner. The hunter, meanwhile, suffers the Fixation derangement focused on recovering the heart so long as it is active and not in their possession.

Aegis Talisman (•••••)

This silver, palm-sized amulet protects the bearer from harm. Just holding or wearing the talisman provides 3 points of armour vs. mundane or supernatural attack, and by brandishing the talisman and spending 1 WP the hunter can make a contested Presence + Intimidation + 2 roll vs. an enemy’s Resolve + Composure. If they succeed, the enemy is paralysed for a number of turns equal to the margin of success and loses their defense.

Doru Talisman (•••••)

This 4-inch long silver spear shines red in dull light. By spending 1WP and gripping the talisman in the hand like a spear, the hunter can use it as a 3L weapon and can attack any opponent within 10 yards


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