Loyalists of Thule

I don’t have any choice. I have a debt to pay.

Secrets make us who we are. Secrets build us all. The desires, the hopes we hold inside us change the world. Everything runs on secrets, things occulted from the rest of the world. And some occult things are more occult than others.

Some legends have it that once upon a time, a land now lost – Atlantis, Mu, Thule, Pan or whatever its name was – gave the world civilization. The Loyalists of Thule spent the first decades of the last century looking for that Ultimate Source – to their eternal shame. Back then, they were the Thule Gesellschaft, a German occult group that took its belief in that Ultimate Source to its eventual conclusion: that a master race had descended from Lost Thule, the Aryans were the oldest and most highly evolved of people, and the perfect Aryans were the German people. And then, two of their members founded the German Workers’ Party, which, in a couple of years, became the Nazi Party.

By the time the Nazis came to power, none of their leaders had anything to do with the Thule Society. Contrary to popular belief, in the end the Nazis banned mystical societies and eschewed the occult, ultimately suppressing the Thule Society’s literature. The majority of the Thule Society’s members dispersed, leaving a minority to hang on, illegally, to face the horrors their theories and philosophies had wrought. Their horror at what their actions had helped create was compounded by the fact that throughout the 1920s and ’30s, their studies had actually borne fruit. They had discovered the true existence of ancestral ghosts. There was a secret world, a world of the night, and the Völkisch weren’t any kind of master race. To the hungry dead, humans – Aryan or not – were just food. To the werewolves, they were breeding stock and prey. And to the demons, and the other, more alien creatures that waited behind the corners of reality, we were just insects to be played with and squashed. The newly reformed Loyalists of Thule stopped looking for Atlantis, instead seeking to find out more about this invisible world. They wanted to know, needed to know – but at the same time, they felt a kind of duty to the world. They owe it to the human race.

Active Hunters

Loyalists currently active in the Chicago area include:

Status Benefits

Loyalists of Thule gain Status simply by learning occult secrets, and sharing them.

• You’ve been let into the secret of the society’s heritage and guilt. You may have found yourself doing some petty crimes, and they may be blackmailing you in a friendly, slightly nervy kind of way. On the other hand, you may have joined willingly. Either way, you know secrets that others don’t. If you successfully risk Willpower on an Occult- or Academics-based roll pertaining to the hunt, you gain one additional Willpower point as a result (potentially taking you over your max).
••• You’re in contact with several other Loyalists, giving you the equivalent of a two-dot Mentor.
••••• You’ve been to Munich and met one of the three original members firsthand. You’ve get the details of dozens of fellow members, equivalent to three new dots in the Contacts Merit each devoted to an expert in a particular supernatural being.


The Loyalists seem to be mostly on the same page when it comes to methodology: find the supernatural and research it to death (metaphorically and sometimes literally). Simple. It’s the reasons why that vary.

Most of the Loyalists of Thule are simply Scholars. They collect information about supernatural threats to humanity and disseminate it among those who would defeat or destroy those threats. They’re cautious and prudent, and although they sometimes end up on the front line, it’s others among the Indebted who do the fighting.

The Penitents are more proactive. They’re the gun-toting archaeologists of popular culture, the tomb raiders and barnstormers who put themselves in terrible danger to learn ancient secrets. It’s about atonement. It’s about guilt. It’s one thing to help others to make things better, but the Loyalists should be doing something about it themselves. They should be playing an active part. If they die in the process, well…it’s the price they pay. The Penitents do the dirty work, but often it’s the Advance, on the other hand, who leads them.

Members of the Advance accept the guilt of the Loyalists of Thule and reason that yes, the Loyalists need to atone, but if they’re going to make up for the organization’s past sins, they should be at the forefront of the struggle. They should be leading humankind against the monsters. In gaining knowledge, they gain power over the monsters, but also power over their colleagues. True atonement requires the Loyalists to take control — humbly, of course — and become indispensable to the hunters around them. It’s the rarest of the Loyalists’ philosophies, if only be- cause some fear a return to the Völkisch viewpoint that brought the Thule Society to this pass in the first place.

Loyalists of Thule

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