Character Creation


Think about your hunter – what has motivated them to take up the Vigil? Think about their life beforehand, their strengths and weaknesses. Are they a cop who saw too much, a dealer trying to remove supernatural competition, a mother hunting for their lost children? This should help you choose a Virtue and Vice that will give them the strength to continue.

Virtues might be things like Faith, Hope, Fortitude or Justice, whereas Vices might be things like Wrath, Greed, Pride or Envy. Once per session, you can go to full Willpower by acting according to your Virtue; once per scene, you can get one willpower point by indulging your Vice.


The 9 attributes are divided into 3 groups: Mental (Intelligence, Wits, Resolve), Social (Presence, Manipulation, Composure) and Physical (Strength, Dexterity, Stamina). Each attribute starts at 1 dot. Assign 5 dots in the first category, 4 in the second and 3 in the last. The 5th dot of an attribute takes 2 dots to buy.


There are 3 Skill categories: Mental, Physical, and Social.

Put 11 dots in skills in the main category, 7 dots in skills in the second category, and 4 in your last category. The 5th dot of a skill takes 2 dots to buy.

Divide 3 specialties between your skills. When a specialty applies, you get +1 dice.


Every Hunter has a Profession, whether it’s what they do for their day job or a representation of their role on the Vigil. Each choice gets you 2 asset skills, and a free specialty in one of them. Professions and their asset skills are as follows:

  • Academic: Academics and Science
  • Artist: Crafts and Expression
  • Athlete: Athletics and Medicine
  • Cop: Streetwise and Firearms
  • Criminal: Larceny and Streetwise
  • Detective: Empathy and Investigation
  • Doctor: Empathy and Medicine
  • Engineer: Crafts and Science
  • Hacker: Computer and Science
  • Hit Man: Firearms and Stealth
  • Journalist: Expression and Investigation
  • Labourer: Athletics and Crafts
  • Occultist: Investigation and Occult
  • Professional: Academics and Persuasion
  • Religious Leader: Academics and Occult
  • Scientist: Investigation and Science
  • Socialite: Politics and Socialise
  • Soldier: Firearms and Survival
  • Vagrant: Streetwise and Survival


Health: how much punishment you can take before collapsing. It’s calculated as your Stamina +5

Willpower: your most precious resource; a pool of points you can spend to add to your rolls and our defences. It’s as much your ability to keep things together as it is your dedication to your goals, and so it’s calculated as Composure + Resolve.

Defense: how well you can keep yourself out of trouble in a fight. It’s the lowest of Wits and Dexterity.

Initiative: how fast you react in a fight. Wits + Dexterity.

Speed: How many yards you can move per turn. Strength+Dexterity+5

Morality: a measure of the toll the hunt’s had on your mental state. As you push yourself to make sacrifices and break taboos, you start to lose touch with normal life and the cares of others. It starts at 7 – you’re not perfect, but you’d have qualms with grand theft, mass property damage or impassioned manslaughter.


Distribute 7 dots among merits. The 5th dot Costs 2 dots to purchase. There’s a comprehensive list in the World of Darkness and Hunter sections of this pdf, but here’s a selection:

Status (• to •••••): You have standing within a group. Compacts and Conspiracies require 1 dot of status in them to join, with more benefits at higher status.

Allies (• to •••••): You have influence in a particular group and can ask them for aid.

Resources (• to •••••): every dot gives you more personal money to use, from $500 a month to $50,000 a month.

Contacts (• to •••••): each dot gives you one area which you can plumb for information (big business, law enforcement, medical professionals, etc)

Encyclopedic Knowledge (••••): Can roll Int+Wits to recall weird factoids relevant to the current situation.

Unseen Sense (•••): A supernatural sixth sense keyed to a particular supernatural phenomenon (ghosts, vampires, demons etc)

Iron Stamina (• to •••): Negate penalties caused by fatigue and injury on a 1-for-1 basis.

Quick Healer (••••): Heal twice as fast as other people.

Fighting Style (• to •••••): Customise your fighting ability through a range of styles, from Boxing and Fencing to Combat Markmanship and Archery.

Professional Training (• to •••••): Represents increased skill in your profession, with increased effects at each rank.

Inspiring (••••): Once per session, you can make a Presence+Persuasion roll to encourage allies in earshot and give them 1 willpower back.

Endowments (• to •••••): If you belong to a Conspiracy, you can buy supernatural endowments with merit dots. For more information, look at the individual Endowment’s page.

Character Creation

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