The dark powers of Castigation call on the infernal blood of the hunters of the Lucifuge. They know one rite per dot in Castigation, but there’s a dark Cost; every time the hunter rolls an exceptional success activating these rites, they must succeed on a Morality roll or gain a new Derangement.

Calling Forth the Pit

Cost: a blood sacrifice of 2L from an intelligent being. The Lucifuge can summon or banish a demon, rolling Presence + Resolve +2 if they know the demon’s name, versus the subject’s Resistence. Each roll requires 1 minute, and the first to reach 10 successes succeeds. The hunter has no control over the summoned demon, and if the demon winds it’s immune to further attempts for 24 hours.


The Lucifuge gains a demonic familiar, either embodied or ephemeral in Twilight. The familiar is generated according to the rules on pages 166-167, and shares an empathic connection with its master.

Gaze of the Penitent

Cost: 1WP, and must have a bit of the target’s blood or hair (waived if you’ve seen the target commit one of the 7 deadly sins in the past day). The Lucifuge locks eyes with the target and rolls Wits + Empathy vs Resolve. On a success the target is wracked with guilt and imagined torments, suffering a penalty on all dice pools equal to 10-Morality for a no. of turns equal to successes rolled. On an exceptional success, penalties last for a scene.


Cost: 1WP. The Lucifuge summons hellish flames to scour their target, rolling Dexterity + Intelligence – target’s defense. Each success deals 1L unless the target is particularly weak to flames. If the Lucifuge chooses to suffer 1A, their white-hot fire now does 1A/success.

Infernal Visions

Once per session, the Lucifuge can gain supernatural insights during sleep. They roll Wits + Composure, and can gain one clue per success relating to their hunt. On an exception success the GM offers some interpretation. The nightmares, however, prevent the Lucifuge from regaining WP that night.

Mandate of Hell

The Lucifuge can use the authority of hell to order demons. The hunter rolls Presence+Composure vs. the demon’s Resistance. Simple, one- or two-word commands can be given as an instant action, lasting 1 turn on a success or 1 scene on an exceptional success. Complex commands can be given if the hunter spends 1WP, and need 3 successes per ‘step’ of the complete command while the demon needs 15-Hunter’s morality.

Sense of the Unrighteous

The Lucifuge can sense the sins of others. They roll 10-Morality, and on a success can determine a subject’s Morality within 2 ranks or sense the lingering presence of sins committed in an area.

Shackles of Pandemonium

The Lucifuge can bind a demon to a particular place by trapping it within a circle. The circle takes 10min to draw and infuse with power, but must be anointed with 1L worth of blood. The Lucifuge rolls Presence + Intimidation vs the spirit’s Resistance. If the hunter succeeds, the demon is bound and cannot break free unless the ritualist releases it, the circle is broken, or one other condition the Lucifuge must reveal to two others within an hour of the binding. On an exceptional success, the demon is sent to the netherworld as soon as it is freed.

Tongue of Babel

As long as the Lucifuge knows this ritual, they can speak and understand every human language on earth.


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