Drawn from ancient rites and secret invocations, Benedictions give the witch-hunter the strength to strike down their enemies and steel their hearts against the night. The hunter’s ranks in Benediction are used to determine how many they start with at character creation; in-game, new rituals can be bought for 5xp each.

Each ritual has common modifiers: -3 if the hunter’s Morality is below 4, -1 if the ritual does not include overt shows of faith, +1 if the hunter is ordained, +1 if the hunter’s morality is at 8 or higher, +2 if the ritual incorporates the sacraments, and +5 if the ritual is performed on an appropriate feast day.

The Apostle’s Teachings (June 29th)

Pool: Composure + Benediction, +1 if character’s virtue is Faith.

On a success, the hunter can distribute the Willpower she would have received through fulfilling her Virtue to her allies. On an exceptional success, the hunter can also receive some Willpower, and can increase a character’s Willpower beyond its maximum.

Armour of St Martin (Nov 11th)

Pool: Stamina + Benediction, +1 if the hunter is defending innocents.

Cost: 1WP. On a success, the hunter gains armour equal to their dots in Benediction for a scene. On an exceptional success, the hunter can spend 1WP to downgrade a lethal attack to bashing.

Epipodian Safeguard

Cost: 1WP. The hunter offers a prayer to St. Epipodius, patron saint of the betrayed. For the rest of the scene, the hunter adds their dots in Benediction to any Resistance attribute rolled to contest any power that seeks to control their mind.

Blessing of St. Agrippina (June 23rd)

Pool: Resolve + Benediction, -1 if area is used for profane or criminal purposes. +1 if area is consecrated ground.

Cost: 1WP. The hunter rolls every minute (or every turn at a -1 penalty), and must roll successes equal to the number of square yards they are protecting. Once established, the ward subtracts the hunter’s dots in Benediction from the Presence or Power of non-mortals that try to enter. If this reduces that stat to 0, the entity cannot enter. Otherwise, it can enter, but its Intelligence and Strength are also reduced. This blessing lasts a day, or a week at +1 strength if aimed at a specific creature.

The Boon of Lazarus

Simply by laying on hands and spending a dot of Willpower, the hunter can bring a fallen comrade back to life so long as less than the hunter’s Benediction rating in minutes has passed since their death. This resurrection isn’t perfect, however – they immediately gain a major derangement.

The Hands of St. Luke (Oct 18th)

Pool: Intelligence + Benediction, +1 if injured character’s virtue is Faith.

Cost: 1WP. The hunter may roll every minute to remove wounds. 1 success is required per point of bashing, and 2 successes per point of lethal.

Sword of St Michael (Sept 29th)

Pool: Strength + Benediction

Cost: 2WP (over 2 turns). The blessed weapon deals Aggravated damage to the supernatural, lasting 1 scene or until it’s done points of damage equal to the successes rolled. After that, it shatters. In addition, it counts as a blessed item with a rating equal to the successes rolled.

The Shepherd’s Blessing (Oct 24th)

Pool: Wits + Benediction.

Cost: 1WP. On a success, the hunter becomes invisible to mortals and supernatural creatures must roll to see him. An exceptional success means that he remains unseen even if he attacks.

Fortitude of St George (April 23rd)

Pool: Composure + Benediction

On a successful prayer, the hunter gains 1 dot of Stamina for a scene and doesn’t need food or sleep for days equal to their Benedictions rating. An exceptional success grants 2 stamina dots.


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