Advanced Armoury

Task Force VALKYRIE is given the most cutting-edge toys the US Armed Forces can provide, every item programmed to only function in the presence of the RFID chip implanted in the hip or shoulder of every agent. Each piece of Advanced Armoury gear is its own separate merit with a specific dot Cost.

Etheric Rounds (•+)

Etheric rounds are delivered in any calibre required, and glow faintly at the tip. When fired, they dissolve into blue energy that deals lethal damage to manifested ghosts, spirits and other incorporeal entities, but -1 damage to everything else. The agent gets 1 clip of these rounds per dot in this merit per game session.

Etheric Goggles (•• or ••••)

These bulky night-vision goggles have a second function; the wearer can flip down purplish lenses to allow them to see entities in the ethereal state of Twilight. The 4 dot version can also track recent activity in Twilight as a softly luminescent purple trail. The goggles have a battery life of 6 hours normally, or 3 hours when used to see into Twilight.

The Bleeder (••)

This strange device, resembling a jackhammer with a satellite disk for a drill bit, is incredibly effective against hemophages and their servants. With a Dex+Firearms+3 roll the agent can rob hemophages of their Willpower as stored blood leaves their body violently, sometimes even damaging the creature. Against non-blood drinkers the Bleeder inflicts terrible headaches, with each success giving the target a -1 penalty for 5 turns.

Equalizer Grenade (•••)

Many an agent has stormed a den of hillbillies and vagrants only to be savaged by a wall of fur and teeth. TF:V scientists think they’ve isolated the part of the brain that triggers these shifter’s change, and made this grenade. When thrown it strobes to create microseizures in that region, making them unable to change shape for 5 turns. The agent gets 1 grenade per story per instance of this merit.

Gungnir Multi-Function Targeting System (••• or ••••)

The Gungnir system is a scope completely integrated into a submachine gun (•••) or an assault rifle (••••). The scope acts as a combination night vision scope, thermal imager and Kirlian camera, removing penalties from fighting blind and penalties for firing at medium range. The system recognises vampires, werewolves, witches and psychics through biological telltales, and the 4 dot version also detects ghosts. The gun will not fire if pointed at any unrecognised target in an attempt to minimise civilian casualties, although this failsafe can be hacked out by enterprising agents.

Munin Serum (••••)

Munin Serum, known colloquially as ‘memory cleanser’ or ‘Brain-O’, is TF:V’s answer to civilian witnesses. By injecting the serum into the spinal column just below the cervical vertebra (requiring a grapple check and then a Str+Medicine attack at -2 if the target is unwilling) a dose can be injected. Each syringe holds 6 doses, and each dose can erase one hour of the subject’s memory. Agents are cautioned that giving someone more doses than their Stamina in a week is very bad for their health. Agents get 1 syringe per story.

Mjolnir Cannon (••••)

This weapon, resembling an exceptionally bulky assault rifle, is TF:V’s best weapon for field agents. Instead of firing projectiles the device ionizes the air between it and the target, and then delivers a tremendous charge down that channel. So long as the Dex+Firearms roll succeeds, the target takes full damage. The weapon has 3 settings and 16 charges; 6 B takes 2 charges, while 8B or 4L take 4 shots.

Advanced Armoury

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