Case File HC025

Perils of the Inner City

Guy calls the bar and says he’s in trouble, got some sort of dog on his trail. Wheelman, Cameraman and German roll out to help.

We get to the park where the guy called from but its all over. Guy is getting wheeled into an ambulance and his guts are all over the grass. We ask around and people agree a dog did it but can’t remember any details, suspicious stuff. We find a trail of pad prints and follow them out to the edge of the park before eventually losing them in a stream. Prints were shrinking as the beasty went on its way.

We headed to the nearest visitor centre and Wheelman blags us access to their CCTV. Checking the cameras we spot a dog wandering by and later a guy wandering out wearing a Steelers cap. German and Wheelman lay out what they know about shapeshifters- werewolf seems likely.

We call back to the bar and bring Barman up to speed, he lets us know that our victim was looking into a strange pattern in blood diseases amongst the inner city clinics. Seems like a lead so that’s our next stop. We talk to the hobos and nurses at the clinic and they give us some clues: seems that some of them have been getting diseased even when they weren’t on the needle, and just have some funny dreams to show for it. They also mention another dog victim- socially minded sort who was trying to get people off the streets.

We head out to investigate to area and spot a couple of dog packs fighting. One of them seems to win via some sort of mystic howling, causes Cameraman’s gear to play up. We tail the winner back to their derelict where they’re bedded in. The alpha dog is gone and we spot a number of complete changes of clothes in some bin backs.
A spot of wrangling at the local pound and we get a dogcatcher despatched to clean out the pack whilst we watcher from on high. He drugs the dogs and gets them into a bag when a kid turns up in a Steelers cap and starts growling at him. Soon as the poundman takes off then Cameraman takes a shot at the killer.

After that things get a bit hazy but it ends up with the car badly smashed, everyone singed, the cops on the way and the werewolf dead. Sadly Wheelman ain’t really in a good place and after a brief chase we end up banged up.

German lawyers up and we’re able to get out on bail. Not before some cop warns us to keep our nose out though. We report back into Barman and describe the cop and he twigs on a case from the old days. Seems our dirty cop is some vampire’s flunky, and this Fang seems not to be as dead as he should be.

We head out to the area where the hobos have been getting attacked and Wheelman acts as bait whilst we hide. We see a vamp going for another poor sod in an alley and Wheelman gives the sign. We rush in and the vamp pulls a pistol and puts a round in Cameraman; fortunately Wheelman get a molotov of the wall next to her and German puts a spray-flamethrower in her face. She backs down fast and agrees to spill on her boss if we let her walk. We let her skip town and she tells us the old fang is hidden in a private jet.

Not going to write exactly what happened next for legal reasons, suffice to say the plane happened to get blown up. Gunfight happens and when Cameraman goes to make sure of the fang he gets his throat torn open. Still German torches the vampire bastard and Wheelman ensures that we make a speedy escape, only stopping to drop Cameraman outside the hospital.


Wurzel josephwilliams

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