Case File HC024

The Cuckoos of Wicker Park

Log uploaded by User453F5o
Former member calls us in. Seems her son was in a car accident, had a wierd recovery and hasn’t been the same since.
German, Soldierman, Cameraman, Newswoman, Pacman and Sportsman respond.

We head to the family home whilst dads out and mum gives us the long and short. Kid hasn’t looked right when she sees him out the corner of her eye and his recovery was too fast- should have taken weeks or months but was up and about in days. We give the kid a quick scan but can’t sport anything obviously wrong, and we wonder if the mom might have concussion.

We swing by the hospital and Newswoman and Sportsman tell them they’re doing a piece on the kid with the mom’s consent. Speaks to the Doc who brushes us off a bit quick and leaves; Soldierman tries to follow but gets caught up in traffic. We note that the hospital is using new equipment from some Eurogroup and German does a bit of nosing to snoop their files; nothing conclusive but seems there’s a bit of a fishy deal going on by the prices. Cameraman talk to a guard who mentions a generator failure during a storm at the time it happened.
Pacman and Cameraman get access to the generator and check out the score- looks like lightning hit the building and somehow diverted through the whole system. Wierd stuff.

That night German scopes out the family home. Sees some wierd activity from the kid on the Cameraman’s tools and goes in for a closer look. Kid’s gone into the parent’s bedroom and face changes into some horrible leech thing that locks onto the mom. Sucks some stuff out of her then goes back to bed.
[Overly dark video of Lamprey faced child embedded]
Next morning we pass mom the bad news and she takes it poorly. We reckon we might be dealing with fairy kid-snatchers so we head by a guy who collects cold iron from meteors. He gives us a loan so we can deal with the kid.
At the home mom ain’t dealing well and has the kid tied up for some kind of blood ritual. We stop her doing anything bad and make the creature answer some questions. Sportsman and Soldierman poke it with the moonrock till it gets talkative. It spills that it was swapped after the accident and that its real mom hangs out at crossings.

We go and have a chat with the school crossing lady and sure enough she’s a demon-freak. German persuades us not to off her then and there. We get her to take us to where she stashed the kids and she spills the whole deal. Seems some wizard summoned her to give him eternal life, and in exchange she needs to have her kids suck the life out of adults. We spare her on the grounds that she gives all the children back and we’ll off the summoner.

With kid and mom reunited we head back to the hospital and have another chat with the Doc. This time he can’t get away so with Newswoman giving encouragement he tells us what we need to hear. Seems he’s some sort of good-wizard and the other guy’s a darksider from the old country; more than a hundred years old. Doctor Wizard saved the kid and he’s willing to make us a doohickey to get us into the evil mansion safely.

We bust in during the day whilst the wizard’s shadow magic is weak and sneak into his place. We find his study without too much trouble and smash on in. He’s summoning up some nasty shadow guard as we arrive but Sportsman runs over to the window and throws the curtains- the gribbly can’t handle sunlight and whilst it’s melting the rest of us pump the badguy full of lead. We quickly grab anything that looks interesting and then hightail it before the cops turn up.

Adventure Results

  • Some interesting relics and papers have been recovered from the sorceror’s mansion. The Watchful Keris or One-Eyed Kings Relic endowments can be bought for a 2xp discount.
  • Additionally, anyone who studies the papers can learn the subtle signs that magic leaves in an area, enabling them to purchase the Unseen Sense merit for witches (20xp).
  • The Identification tactic has been unlocked.


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