Case File HC023

The Mortification of the Flesh

Log uploaded by User453F5o
NOTE: Sorry about the censorship- some assholes kept hacking the site till I took the details out.

Country cop puts out the shout for help Wheelman, Soldierman, Cameraman and Fisherman respond.
Seems the county coroner has gone a bit wierd and something’s been eating people in his morgue. We head out to the country to look into it.

Fisherman talks the local police on board and we have a chat with the coroner. Poor guy looks real rough, skin and eyes all creepy and keeps talking about how hungry he is. Seems he’s been chowing down on his patients, now he asks us to get him a burger- we reckon maybe he just wants to get his teeth into something. Wheelman’s heard that once you start eating people sometimes you change into a freakydeak- question is why he started.

We head by the hospital and Fisherman pulls some health and safety bs to get us the run of the place. Down in the morgue we notice they got themselves a body missing and men we check the cctv there’s some sort of wierd hobo scurrying around. We decide to stake the place out and plant a bunch of animal traps in case we got monster trouble.
Wheelman and Cameraman go up front whilst Soldierman takes point at the rear. Fisherman heads off to the lake to handle some real-life work.

We spot the drifter as he crashes through the front doors of the hospital, Wheelman and Cameraman run in afterwards. At the same time Soldierman spots someone climbing up the building into the wards and goes after them.
Down the morgue the drifter has got stuck in our beast-trap- but breaks out and shows that he’s a monster man. Cameraman shoots him and gets bit for his trouble, but then Wheelman takes the thing’s head off with his shotgun.
Soliderman catches his prey too- a teenager doing some sort of candle ritual. Says its a religious thing for his aunt, so he gets let off with a warning.
Fisherman comes back and takes a look at the body- seems to be some sort of sharkman. Seems he found blood in the water at the lake too- maybe leakage from the meat processing plants. Trouble is it’s human blood.

We’re turning in for the the night but on the way to the motel we spot some nut doing kooky shit with candles. We ask him some questions and when he’s snapped out of the trance he doesn’t know how he got there. Last thing he remembers is watching the news and eating a burger. Wheelman says that the candle thing is some sort of necromancy.

We stop by the newsstation next morning, Fisherman gets them to cooperate but all they really tell us is that the County Councillor was giving a statement last night after the hospital breakin. We get their address.

We stop in at the burger joint and Fisherman gives their meat a test. Humanburger. Cameraman and Soliderman get the owner to spill the beans- he got the stuff off the record from a friend who lives out of town.

We pay the yokel a visit out by his ranch and he ain’t too cooperative. Seems he’s got some sharkiness going on. He’s in a bad way and flips out when we try to bring him in. Soldierman gets to let loose with one of his toys and knocks him clean out with [REDACTED] only [REDACTED] Fisherman a little.

Anyhow we get back to town but hell’s broken loose. People doing necromancy all over and the graveyard letting its bodies out to play. We run off to stop the summoners, Fisherman and Soliderman calling in their friends, whilst Wheelman drives straight into the graveyard. Don’t know what happened but there was one hell of a bang and all the zombies get blown to bits.

Then we hear some choppers and [REDACTED]. They told us to clear out whilst they [REDACTED] the townspeople.

Wheelman and Cameraman try to take out the witch responsible for the summoning trance but can’t get to her. We pull out of town before the [REDACTED] can throw us out.

Adventure Results

  • Task Force: VALKYRIE has a somewhat reduced opinion of the hunters in the relamation effort. The next dot of Allies: TFV, Status: TFV or Advanced Armoury your character buys will cost 2 more XP.
  • Stakeout tactic unlocked.
  • Rural police are more likely to trust hunters, giving them +2 to Social rolls.
  • Hallam Animal Products is undergoing a slow, lawyer-filled FDA investigation into how human remains appeared in their meat.


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