Case File HC022

Frankenstein's Mobster

Log uploaded by User453F5o
Names and Places Redacted

A friend reaches out through the Old Boy network and calls in our help. Holy Man, Salaryman, Wheelman and Cameraman attend.

The group travels to a cafe and meets with the contact; a junior member of the city’s russian mafia. The contact tells us that recently a new boss has arrived out of the old country and since then things haven’t been right. Prostitutes getting hurt, hits getting taken out personally and the bodies disappearing. Enough for us to take a look. He points us to one of the buildings where a kill went down and tips us onto the bossman’s old madame.

Cameraman hits the web and finds the FBI have a hardon for our target. Seems he’s from the Ukraine and may have come out of the fallout zone.

Wheelman takes us to the derelict and we crack our way in. There’s a body there, tapped in the head but with plenty other cuts too. We take a look but can’t work out too much at the scene. Salaryman taps his contacts and they get us a lab to take a proper look. Once the corpse has had a proper going over we find that its missing most of its organs, cut out and sewn up.

Salaryman arranges a meet with a prostitute at a restaurant whilst the rest of us provide discreet surveillance. He smooth talks her and gets her to spill about our target. Seems the guy has been giving the girls he been with a terminal case of cancer. She also gives us the no. of a former bodyguard the guy brought with him.

We touch the bodyguard for some intel and after dropping a lot of dough he gives us two leads: the home of the prof. that our target came over with, recently gone up in smoke, and a factory where he’s running some shady operation.

Over at the prof’s digs we’re looking for a way in when a hand with a mouth in it launches out of the shadows and tries to eat our faces. We put it down hard and Salaryman bags it for his company. We head up the fire escape into the wreck of the prof.s flat and the geiger counter goes nuts. We find a bit of coded info on a burned scrap and then suddenly we’re getting voices and all sorts telling us to leave. Holy man keeps the spook under control whilst Wheelman pulls out some dirt and works some mojo. After that the prof’s ghost shows up and gets talkative. Tells us that the target is a monster he made using radiation and that he’s been trying to make kids of his own. Prof needs him dead before he can rest in peace: works for us.
We break the code on the paper and it tells us we’re going to need fire to deal with the target. We make sure

We head to the factory, it’s staked out by mafia goons so Salaryman goes in with a softly, softly approach. We lose contact with him so decide we better crash the party. Cameraman calls in the feds to make sure there’s someone to clean up if we miss our shot. Wheelman takes us through the front door and through a mook who’s too slow to dive aside. Inside the factory we’ve got more crims to deal with and we nail them quick; Wheelman and Holy man take some licks but soon we’re heading downstairs.

Running past a horror show where the target has been making limb-kids out of people’s guts, it turns out Salaryman’s been handling himself okay- him and the Radioactive Frankenstein are having some sort of bug duel: silver wasps vs radraoches. Wheelman don’t like the look of it so he lets rip with his tweaked out shotgun and soon the rooms on fire. Target don’t like that so he lets out some sort of gas cloud; hurts our guys pretty damn good. Lucky for us Holy man has the power of God on his side: smashes the bad guy’s head in with a crowbar of the Lord.

Things get a little awkward then- Salaryman’s company turns up in a black chopper and make off with the body. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding about what’s going down but we put it aside to get the important stuff sorted: we torch the joint. Afterwards we patch each other up and make nice; no point sweating the small stuff when the bottom line is one less monster in the world.

Adventure Aftermath

  • The body of Oleg Cherenko is already providing dividends for the Cheiron Group. Members of the Cheiron Group can by the Evil Eye Thaumatechnology Endowment for only 9xp rather than 12.
  • Hunters have gathered a reputation for calling down the law. Known hunters get a -2 penalty to social rolls dealing with organised crime.

Personal XP: 4 points

Practical XP: 22 points


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