Case File HC021

Home Sweet Home

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We’ve taken our first steps in taking this place back. Our local region is sleeping a bit better now thanks to our allies in the Vigil, though we’ve had to lay low for a few weeks after one candle-bearer went fallen. Cops have stopped looking, and they haven’t got any footage of us working with the perp, so I think we’re OK. Here’s how it went down.

A few weeks back we spotted a death in the local paper – third body in the last two months, all around a certain ‘haunted’ castle I’m sure you guys remember. We contacted the local agents – an ex-military video jockey, this freelance hacker, one of those spooky occult guys and a really driven ex-cop – he’s the one that went off the deep end. They went to investigate the castle, and after some low-tech B&E ran into genuine spectral activity – blood running down walls, screaming faces, that kinda shit. Also, the basement was just stuffed with spiders that took some pretty huge bites out of ex-cop – remember that later.

The cell decided the ghost might be the target, so they set about laying him to rest. Occult guy knew a bunch about the castle and grabbed the ghost’s ashes from the 2nd floor, crashing out a window and then hot-footing it to a church. At the same time, this fed arrived and starts helping out – I reckon he’s one of those spooky ones you hear rumours about, but anyways he seemed to be willing to help a few freelancers. At this point Mr. ex-cop with a trenchcoat and a fireaxe starting going off-message, racing after the occult guy to try and get the ashes for himself.

What happened next, I’m not sure, but it ended up with the ashes blessed by priests, occult guy with a fireaxe in his chest, and ex-cop getting shot a few times before mixing the ashes with water and drinking them down to ‘gain the ghost’s power’. I guess sometimes the stress gets to people…

Anyway, occultist and ex-cop are sent to hospital, with the fed putting hospital security on the ex-cop. Next day, the vet, the hacker and the fed went to bury the ghost’s remains in sacred ground, laying him to rest. Then they went to poke round the castle again, cause they weren’t sure it was actually the ghost behind it all. Stocking up on bug spray and the old standby of hairspray and lighter, they went down into that spider basement and cleared a hole through the webs into some weird tunnels. Getting on the phone to occult guy (now discharging himself from the hospital) they reckoned the tunnels linked up to some underground rivers that feed into the Calumet. Deep underground they found a lair – isn’t that always the way? – full of webbed-up bodies. They cut them down and opened the webbing to see a familiar face – one of the realtors whose company was selling the castle. As they were going through the implications (we’re still fumigating the other houses) they heard a splashing from the river, and got into cover.

The hacker had only just finished making a rudimentary barricade when a woman came out of the stream, bare-naked and looking just like the deceased ex-realtor. The cell got into cover and started unloading into the woman, but she shifted into some horrible towering half-spider thing and started tearing through them. Veteran blasted her with the flames, but that just angered her and she grabbed him up and started chewing on his gut. He went ballistic, stabbing her in the eyes with his knife as the others blew her many legs off with gunfire. Finally, they took her down.

They were healing up, the hacker extracting fangs from the vet’s abdomen, when the occultist emerged from downstream. He’d been investigating the tunnels from the point this stream joined the Calumet and found a nest, complete with were-spider babies. They were about to go see when ex-cop emerged from upstream. Now, when they last saw him, he’d been a bit scratched and bit but still OK. Now he was all hulking and twisted, one eye split into four and everything. Back in the day, I’d have gunned him down then and there, but I guess hunters these days need all the help they can get. They kinda stood back as he tucked into the dead spider-lady, unsure what to do, but after what I’m sure was an uncomfortable few minutes they went to find the nest.

Occultist took them to the nest, full of a half-dozen baby/spider hybrids. Ex-cop/spider-man jumped down to start killing the babies, but I reckon this is where he fully turned and started protecting the monsters. As he turned to the cell the Vet dumped gasoline on the whole lot and the hacker lit it, dousing the babies and the ex-cop in flames. I guess the fed was more forgiving – he tried to pull the ex-cop out only to get yanked down into the burning pit for his troubles. After a pretty brutal battle they finally managed to gun down the monster, but they were all gouged and burned. Still, the monster was dead.

Since then we’ve healed up the guys and sent a tip-off to some friends in the city’s Public Health department that there’s some houses they really want to fumigate. No deaths since, and the castle definitely isn’t haunted anymore. I reckon we can count that as a success.

Adventure Aftermath

The Far Southwest Side is somewhat safer. Gain +2 dice to persuasion rolls to get help from this area’s residents and +2 dice to streetwise rolls to find useful members of the community.

Personal XP: 4xp to all surviving hunters.

Practical XP: 16 pooled xp to spend on Skills, Merits or Tactics.


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