Case File HC026
Con Air

G-Man calls the bar to let us know they’ve got a prisoner transport plane down over the lake. Seems that the cons ain’t your average criminal so we get on site to stop them before people get hurt. Wheelman, Cameraman, Soldierman, Salaryman and Hellgirl respond.

Down at the lake seems the cops got there first. Salaryman jumps out to have a chat but spots that the officer ain’t in a good way and the cars’ve been trashed. Worse still a massive swarm of ants pours out from under the car and chases him. We lose the ants in the car and come back shortly with a bunch of jury-rigged flamers; the ants are gone though and we’re able to scout out the scene.

Looks like one of the cops has been hauled away by a con towards the industrial park whilst the other perp has skedadelled off into the city. We phone it in to G-Man and he tells us we’re dealing with a soldier gone bugnuts crazy and some sort of mountain man. Also the pilot was found dead in his own home so it looks like we’ve got some sort of shifter too as an accomplice.

We follow the cop’s tracks since we don’t want him ending up dead and find a warehouse in the industrial park. Cameraman’s kit let’s us work out what room he’s in so we put together a quick plan to storm the place. Wheelman rolls by blasting his stereo to attract attention whilst Cameraman, Hellgirl and Soldierman sneak in and up to the room. We kick the door down and rush in but then things go a bit FUBAR: ex-military chick is a bit of a kung fu wiz and starts kicking our weapons all over the shop, and then there’s a friendly fire incident which leaves Cameraman sizzling on the floor. Hellgirl keeps at it though and eventually brings the psycho down. At this point Salaryman comes in to give some much needed medical care whilst Wheelman checks the place over.

We notice a little too late that some asshole has jacked Wheelman’s ride. He don’t take it lying down though and gives chase on a borrowed motorcycle. Whilst the rest of us wait for an FBI ride home, Wheelman tails the GTA punk around the lake and finally shoots out a tire to take them off the road. Things get wierd though when a girl climbs out of where a guy should be and starts magicing; Wheelman opens up but its like he’s shooting himself. Now in a pretty bad way he’s got to let her take off on the bike.

Next morning after some rest and bandages we start looking for the other prisoner. Guy called himself ‘The Emperor’ and was some sort of mountain murderer. We talk to a witness who tells us about some weird totem he had to snag off the guy to stop the ant attacks. Call to the Feds tells us that someone stole that back a few days before the plane went down. We reckon the nut might come back for the kid so we stake the place out. Sure enough it ain’t too long before we spot a strange amount of ant activity in the area. Cameraman and Soldierman head for the source whilst the rest try to protect the boy. We do the best we can with fire and ducttape but eventually have to ditch the joint; Salaryman and Hellgirl bail out of the second floor riding a mattress down (sweet, huh?!) and Wheelman bundles them into the car and takes off.

The source turns out to be a local park. We spot a strange mound in a copse of trees and get to digging. Sure enough there’s a creepy old guy buried there clutching onto his mojo toy. Cameraman and Soldierman work to prize it off the bastard, trying to deal with the hojillion ants he’s got biting them. Around the time the others arrive we’ve got the thing and dived into a pond for comfort. Salaryman decides to end the ant problem permanently with a can full of petrol.

G-Man ain’t too happy to hear we torched the guy but they’ve got other problems. Seems that someone held up the prisoner-transport van. We get on seen ASAP and find cops with snapped necks and shot by their own gun. Hellgirl IDs the wound-bouncing shifter as some sort of demonhost. Fortunately the van is lojacked so we get on their ass and ram the mofos into a ditch.

Ain’t too clear on what happened after that. More friendly fire and the demon bouncer left us in a pretty bad way. Suffice to say that when the fire from the engine spread to the rest of the van their weren’t no-one standing who felt the urge to pull the bad guys out of there.
G-Man ain’t pleased that we didn’t give him any prisoners back, but we put some dangerous sorts out of commission permanently, and at the end of the day the City’s got to be a safer place now, right?

Case File HC025
Perils of the Inner City

Guy calls the bar and says he’s in trouble, got some sort of dog on his trail. Wheelman, Cameraman and German roll out to help.

We get to the park where the guy called from but its all over. Guy is getting wheeled into an ambulance and his guts are all over the grass. We ask around and people agree a dog did it but can’t remember any details, suspicious stuff. We find a trail of pad prints and follow them out to the edge of the park before eventually losing them in a stream. Prints were shrinking as the beasty went on its way.

We headed to the nearest visitor centre and Wheelman blags us access to their CCTV. Checking the cameras we spot a dog wandering by and later a guy wandering out wearing a Steelers cap. German and Wheelman lay out what they know about shapeshifters- werewolf seems likely.

We call back to the bar and bring Barman up to speed, he lets us know that our victim was looking into a strange pattern in blood diseases amongst the inner city clinics. Seems like a lead so that’s our next stop. We talk to the hobos and nurses at the clinic and they give us some clues: seems that some of them have been getting diseased even when they weren’t on the needle, and just have some funny dreams to show for it. They also mention another dog victim- socially minded sort who was trying to get people off the streets.

We head out to investigate to area and spot a couple of dog packs fighting. One of them seems to win via some sort of mystic howling, causes Cameraman’s gear to play up. We tail the winner back to their derelict where they’re bedded in. The alpha dog is gone and we spot a number of complete changes of clothes in some bin backs.
A spot of wrangling at the local pound and we get a dogcatcher despatched to clean out the pack whilst we watcher from on high. He drugs the dogs and gets them into a bag when a kid turns up in a Steelers cap and starts growling at him. Soon as the poundman takes off then Cameraman takes a shot at the killer.

After that things get a bit hazy but it ends up with the car badly smashed, everyone singed, the cops on the way and the werewolf dead. Sadly Wheelman ain’t really in a good place and after a brief chase we end up banged up.

German lawyers up and we’re able to get out on bail. Not before some cop warns us to keep our nose out though. We report back into Barman and describe the cop and he twigs on a case from the old days. Seems our dirty cop is some vampire’s flunky, and this Fang seems not to be as dead as he should be.

We head out to the area where the hobos have been getting attacked and Wheelman acts as bait whilst we hide. We see a vamp going for another poor sod in an alley and Wheelman gives the sign. We rush in and the vamp pulls a pistol and puts a round in Cameraman; fortunately Wheelman get a molotov of the wall next to her and German puts a spray-flamethrower in her face. She backs down fast and agrees to spill on her boss if we let her walk. We let her skip town and she tells us the old fang is hidden in a private jet.

Not going to write exactly what happened next for legal reasons, suffice to say the plane happened to get blown up. Gunfight happens and when Cameraman goes to make sure of the fang he gets his throat torn open. Still German torches the vampire bastard and Wheelman ensures that we make a speedy escape, only stopping to drop Cameraman outside the hospital.

Case File HC024
The Cuckoos of Wicker Park

Log uploaded by User453F5o
Former member calls us in. Seems her son was in a car accident, had a wierd recovery and hasn’t been the same since.
German, Soldierman, Cameraman, Newswoman, Pacman and Sportsman respond.

We head to the family home whilst dads out and mum gives us the long and short. Kid hasn’t looked right when she sees him out the corner of her eye and his recovery was too fast- should have taken weeks or months but was up and about in days. We give the kid a quick scan but can’t sport anything obviously wrong, and we wonder if the mom might have concussion.

We swing by the hospital and Newswoman and Sportsman tell them they’re doing a piece on the kid with the mom’s consent. Speaks to the Doc who brushes us off a bit quick and leaves; Soldierman tries to follow but gets caught up in traffic. We note that the hospital is using new equipment from some Eurogroup and German does a bit of nosing to snoop their files; nothing conclusive but seems there’s a bit of a fishy deal going on by the prices. Cameraman talk to a guard who mentions a generator failure during a storm at the time it happened.
Pacman and Cameraman get access to the generator and check out the score- looks like lightning hit the building and somehow diverted through the whole system. Wierd stuff.

That night German scopes out the family home. Sees some wierd activity from the kid on the Cameraman’s tools and goes in for a closer look. Kid’s gone into the parent’s bedroom and face changes into some horrible leech thing that locks onto the mom. Sucks some stuff out of her then goes back to bed.
[Overly dark video of Lamprey faced child embedded]
Next morning we pass mom the bad news and she takes it poorly. We reckon we might be dealing with fairy kid-snatchers so we head by a guy who collects cold iron from meteors. He gives us a loan so we can deal with the kid.
At the home mom ain’t dealing well and has the kid tied up for some kind of blood ritual. We stop her doing anything bad and make the creature answer some questions. Sportsman and Soldierman poke it with the moonrock till it gets talkative. It spills that it was swapped after the accident and that its real mom hangs out at crossings.

We go and have a chat with the school crossing lady and sure enough she’s a demon-freak. German persuades us not to off her then and there. We get her to take us to where she stashed the kids and she spills the whole deal. Seems some wizard summoned her to give him eternal life, and in exchange she needs to have her kids suck the life out of adults. We spare her on the grounds that she gives all the children back and we’ll off the summoner.

With kid and mom reunited we head back to the hospital and have another chat with the Doc. This time he can’t get away so with Newswoman giving encouragement he tells us what we need to hear. Seems he’s some sort of good-wizard and the other guy’s a darksider from the old country; more than a hundred years old. Doctor Wizard saved the kid and he’s willing to make us a doohickey to get us into the evil mansion safely.

We bust in during the day whilst the wizard’s shadow magic is weak and sneak into his place. We find his study without too much trouble and smash on in. He’s summoning up some nasty shadow guard as we arrive but Sportsman runs over to the window and throws the curtains- the gribbly can’t handle sunlight and whilst it’s melting the rest of us pump the badguy full of lead. We quickly grab anything that looks interesting and then hightail it before the cops turn up.

Adventure Results

  • Some interesting relics and papers have been recovered from the sorceror’s mansion. The Watchful Keris or One-Eyed Kings Relic endowments can be bought for a 2xp discount.
  • Additionally, anyone who studies the papers can learn the subtle signs that magic leaves in an area, enabling them to purchase the Unseen Sense merit for witches (20xp).
  • The Identification tactic has been unlocked.
Case File HC023
The Mortification of the Flesh

Log uploaded by User453F5o
NOTE: Sorry about the censorship- some assholes kept hacking the site till I took the details out.

Country cop puts out the shout for help Wheelman, Soldierman, Cameraman and Fisherman respond.
Seems the county coroner has gone a bit wierd and something’s been eating people in his morgue. We head out to the country to look into it.

Fisherman talks the local police on board and we have a chat with the coroner. Poor guy looks real rough, skin and eyes all creepy and keeps talking about how hungry he is. Seems he’s been chowing down on his patients, now he asks us to get him a burger- we reckon maybe he just wants to get his teeth into something. Wheelman’s heard that once you start eating people sometimes you change into a freakydeak- question is why he started.

We head by the hospital and Fisherman pulls some health and safety bs to get us the run of the place. Down in the morgue we notice they got themselves a body missing and men we check the cctv there’s some sort of wierd hobo scurrying around. We decide to stake the place out and plant a bunch of animal traps in case we got monster trouble.
Wheelman and Cameraman go up front whilst Soldierman takes point at the rear. Fisherman heads off to the lake to handle some real-life work.

We spot the drifter as he crashes through the front doors of the hospital, Wheelman and Cameraman run in afterwards. At the same time Soldierman spots someone climbing up the building into the wards and goes after them.
Down the morgue the drifter has got stuck in our beast-trap- but breaks out and shows that he’s a monster man. Cameraman shoots him and gets bit for his trouble, but then Wheelman takes the thing’s head off with his shotgun.
Soliderman catches his prey too- a teenager doing some sort of candle ritual. Says its a religious thing for his aunt, so he gets let off with a warning.
Fisherman comes back and takes a look at the body- seems to be some sort of sharkman. Seems he found blood in the water at the lake too- maybe leakage from the meat processing plants. Trouble is it’s human blood.

We’re turning in for the the night but on the way to the motel we spot some nut doing kooky shit with candles. We ask him some questions and when he’s snapped out of the trance he doesn’t know how he got there. Last thing he remembers is watching the news and eating a burger. Wheelman says that the candle thing is some sort of necromancy.

We stop by the newsstation next morning, Fisherman gets them to cooperate but all they really tell us is that the County Councillor was giving a statement last night after the hospital breakin. We get their address.

We stop in at the burger joint and Fisherman gives their meat a test. Humanburger. Cameraman and Soliderman get the owner to spill the beans- he got the stuff off the record from a friend who lives out of town.

We pay the yokel a visit out by his ranch and he ain’t too cooperative. Seems he’s got some sharkiness going on. He’s in a bad way and flips out when we try to bring him in. Soldierman gets to let loose with one of his toys and knocks him clean out with [REDACTED] only [REDACTED] Fisherman a little.

Anyhow we get back to town but hell’s broken loose. People doing necromancy all over and the graveyard letting its bodies out to play. We run off to stop the summoners, Fisherman and Soliderman calling in their friends, whilst Wheelman drives straight into the graveyard. Don’t know what happened but there was one hell of a bang and all the zombies get blown to bits.

Then we hear some choppers and [REDACTED]. They told us to clear out whilst they [REDACTED] the townspeople.

Wheelman and Cameraman try to take out the witch responsible for the summoning trance but can’t get to her. We pull out of town before the [REDACTED] can throw us out.

Adventure Results

  • Task Force: VALKYRIE has a somewhat reduced opinion of the hunters in the relamation effort. The next dot of Allies: TFV, Status: TFV or Advanced Armoury your character buys will cost 2 more XP.
  • Stakeout tactic unlocked.
  • Rural police are more likely to trust hunters, giving them +2 to Social rolls.
  • Hallam Animal Products is undergoing a slow, lawyer-filled FDA investigation into how human remains appeared in their meat.
Case File HC022
Frankenstein's Mobster

Log uploaded by User453F5o
Names and Places Redacted

A friend reaches out through the Old Boy network and calls in our help. Holy Man, Salaryman, Wheelman and Cameraman attend.

The group travels to a cafe and meets with the contact; a junior member of the city’s russian mafia. The contact tells us that recently a new boss has arrived out of the old country and since then things haven’t been right. Prostitutes getting hurt, hits getting taken out personally and the bodies disappearing. Enough for us to take a look. He points us to one of the buildings where a kill went down and tips us onto the bossman’s old madame.

Cameraman hits the web and finds the FBI have a hardon for our target. Seems he’s from the Ukraine and may have come out of the fallout zone.

Wheelman takes us to the derelict and we crack our way in. There’s a body there, tapped in the head but with plenty other cuts too. We take a look but can’t work out too much at the scene. Salaryman taps his contacts and they get us a lab to take a proper look. Once the corpse has had a proper going over we find that its missing most of its organs, cut out and sewn up.

Salaryman arranges a meet with a prostitute at a restaurant whilst the rest of us provide discreet surveillance. He smooth talks her and gets her to spill about our target. Seems the guy has been giving the girls he been with a terminal case of cancer. She also gives us the no. of a former bodyguard the guy brought with him.

We touch the bodyguard for some intel and after dropping a lot of dough he gives us two leads: the home of the prof. that our target came over with, recently gone up in smoke, and a factory where he’s running some shady operation.

Over at the prof’s digs we’re looking for a way in when a hand with a mouth in it launches out of the shadows and tries to eat our faces. We put it down hard and Salaryman bags it for his company. We head up the fire escape into the wreck of the prof.s flat and the geiger counter goes nuts. We find a bit of coded info on a burned scrap and then suddenly we’re getting voices and all sorts telling us to leave. Holy man keeps the spook under control whilst Wheelman pulls out some dirt and works some mojo. After that the prof’s ghost shows up and gets talkative. Tells us that the target is a monster he made using radiation and that he’s been trying to make kids of his own. Prof needs him dead before he can rest in peace: works for us.
We break the code on the paper and it tells us we’re going to need fire to deal with the target. We make sure

We head to the factory, it’s staked out by mafia goons so Salaryman goes in with a softly, softly approach. We lose contact with him so decide we better crash the party. Cameraman calls in the feds to make sure there’s someone to clean up if we miss our shot. Wheelman takes us through the front door and through a mook who’s too slow to dive aside. Inside the factory we’ve got more crims to deal with and we nail them quick; Wheelman and Holy man take some licks but soon we’re heading downstairs.

Running past a horror show where the target has been making limb-kids out of people’s guts, it turns out Salaryman’s been handling himself okay- him and the Radioactive Frankenstein are having some sort of bug duel: silver wasps vs radraoches. Wheelman don’t like the look of it so he lets rip with his tweaked out shotgun and soon the rooms on fire. Target don’t like that so he lets out some sort of gas cloud; hurts our guys pretty damn good. Lucky for us Holy man has the power of God on his side: smashes the bad guy’s head in with a crowbar of the Lord.

Things get a little awkward then- Salaryman’s company turns up in a black chopper and make off with the body. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding about what’s going down but we put it aside to get the important stuff sorted: we torch the joint. Afterwards we patch each other up and make nice; no point sweating the small stuff when the bottom line is one less monster in the world.

Adventure Aftermath

  • The body of Oleg Cherenko is already providing dividends for the Cheiron Group. Members of the Cheiron Group can by the Evil Eye Thaumatechnology Endowment for only 9xp rather than 12.
  • Hunters have gathered a reputation for calling down the law. Known hunters get a -2 penalty to social rolls dealing with organised crime.

Personal XP: 4 points

Practical XP: 22 points

Case File HC021
Home Sweet Home

Posted to www.collective-bargaining.org by Dixon0124 at 13:41 20/4/2012

We’ve taken our first steps in taking this place back. Our local region is sleeping a bit better now thanks to our allies in the Vigil, though we’ve had to lay low for a few weeks after one candle-bearer went fallen. Cops have stopped looking, and they haven’t got any footage of us working with the perp, so I think we’re OK. Here’s how it went down.

A few weeks back we spotted a death in the local paper – third body in the last two months, all around a certain ‘haunted’ castle I’m sure you guys remember. We contacted the local agents – an ex-military video jockey, this freelance hacker, one of those spooky occult guys and a really driven ex-cop – he’s the one that went off the deep end. They went to investigate the castle, and after some low-tech B&E ran into genuine spectral activity – blood running down walls, screaming faces, that kinda shit. Also, the basement was just stuffed with spiders that took some pretty huge bites out of ex-cop – remember that later.

The cell decided the ghost might be the target, so they set about laying him to rest. Occult guy knew a bunch about the castle and grabbed the ghost’s ashes from the 2nd floor, crashing out a window and then hot-footing it to a church. At the same time, this fed arrived and starts helping out – I reckon he’s one of those spooky ones you hear rumours about, but anyways he seemed to be willing to help a few freelancers. At this point Mr. ex-cop with a trenchcoat and a fireaxe starting going off-message, racing after the occult guy to try and get the ashes for himself.

What happened next, I’m not sure, but it ended up with the ashes blessed by priests, occult guy with a fireaxe in his chest, and ex-cop getting shot a few times before mixing the ashes with water and drinking them down to ‘gain the ghost’s power’. I guess sometimes the stress gets to people…

Anyway, occultist and ex-cop are sent to hospital, with the fed putting hospital security on the ex-cop. Next day, the vet, the hacker and the fed went to bury the ghost’s remains in sacred ground, laying him to rest. Then they went to poke round the castle again, cause they weren’t sure it was actually the ghost behind it all. Stocking up on bug spray and the old standby of hairspray and lighter, they went down into that spider basement and cleared a hole through the webs into some weird tunnels. Getting on the phone to occult guy (now discharging himself from the hospital) they reckoned the tunnels linked up to some underground rivers that feed into the Calumet. Deep underground they found a lair – isn’t that always the way? – full of webbed-up bodies. They cut them down and opened the webbing to see a familiar face – one of the realtors whose company was selling the castle. As they were going through the implications (we’re still fumigating the other houses) they heard a splashing from the river, and got into cover.

The hacker had only just finished making a rudimentary barricade when a woman came out of the stream, bare-naked and looking just like the deceased ex-realtor. The cell got into cover and started unloading into the woman, but she shifted into some horrible towering half-spider thing and started tearing through them. Veteran blasted her with the flames, but that just angered her and she grabbed him up and started chewing on his gut. He went ballistic, stabbing her in the eyes with his knife as the others blew her many legs off with gunfire. Finally, they took her down.

They were healing up, the hacker extracting fangs from the vet’s abdomen, when the occultist emerged from downstream. He’d been investigating the tunnels from the point this stream joined the Calumet and found a nest, complete with were-spider babies. They were about to go see when ex-cop emerged from upstream. Now, when they last saw him, he’d been a bit scratched and bit but still OK. Now he was all hulking and twisted, one eye split into four and everything. Back in the day, I’d have gunned him down then and there, but I guess hunters these days need all the help they can get. They kinda stood back as he tucked into the dead spider-lady, unsure what to do, but after what I’m sure was an uncomfortable few minutes they went to find the nest.

Occultist took them to the nest, full of a half-dozen baby/spider hybrids. Ex-cop/spider-man jumped down to start killing the babies, but I reckon this is where he fully turned and started protecting the monsters. As he turned to the cell the Vet dumped gasoline on the whole lot and the hacker lit it, dousing the babies and the ex-cop in flames. I guess the fed was more forgiving – he tried to pull the ex-cop out only to get yanked down into the burning pit for his troubles. After a pretty brutal battle they finally managed to gun down the monster, but they were all gouged and burned. Still, the monster was dead.

Since then we’ve healed up the guys and sent a tip-off to some friends in the city’s Public Health department that there’s some houses they really want to fumigate. No deaths since, and the castle definitely isn’t haunted anymore. I reckon we can count that as a success.

Adventure Aftermath

The Far Southwest Side is somewhat safer. Gain +2 dice to persuasion rolls to get help from this area’s residents and +2 dice to streetwise rolls to find useful members of the community.

Personal XP: 4xp to all surviving hunters.

Practical XP: 16 pooled xp to spend on Skills, Merits or Tactics.


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